What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Dallas

Most people know what a realtor is and have pre-determined ideas or maybe even previous experiences about what they do for you, as a seller. On the other hand, some sellers have no idea what to expect when working with a professional home buyer in Dallas, Texas. Basically, sellers can expect a professional homebuyer to provide simple, fast, stress-free transactions.

Straightforward Closings

The benefit of selling to a professional home buyer is the flexibility they provide. They are not your typical buyer which means they can close much faster since they purchase homes with cash rather than trying to qualify for a loan. Traditional home purchases usually require qualifications from banks, mortgage underwriting time, property inspection time, appraisal requirements, and the buyer may not end up qualifying in the end since there are so many little things that must go right.

There are also no commissions paid to a buyer’s or seller’s agent which means thousands and thousands of dollars in savings. The usual commission is 3% per side, so if you sell your home for $300,000, you would have to pay $18,000 in commissions alone since you have to pay 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent! Professional home buyers also don’t charge transaction fees! So that’s another 2% in savings for not having to pay closing costs.

And of course, since home buyers, like us, want to make it as convenient as possible, they can also provide mobile closings so you can sign your closing paperwork from almost anywhere! 

Purchasing Homes As-Is

Professional home buyers will usually purchase homes as-is. As a seller, this means you do not have to worry about repairs before closing or any other additional expenses you were not planning on. That also means you don’t have to worry about dealing with contractors and holding on to your home for longer than you want to while these repairs are being completed. 

Lower Risk Transactions

Selling to a professional home buyer is extremely straightforward. They will lay out every step of the process and make sure all of your questions are answered. They also use the state-approved contract that is used amongst all professionals to keep it consistent with no hiccups.

Under most traditional real estate contracts, there is always a potential for the buyer to sue you if they feel they didn’t get all of the information, or if they feel the facts were misconstrued. Professional home buyers already know the state of the property, and they are willing to take on that risk as you’re honest with them upfront. 

No Showings

When you decide to use a professional home buyer in Dallas, Texas, you will not have to worry about going through a roller coaster of emotional stress. There are no frustrating, middle-of-dinner phone calls asking if you are available to show your home. Or wake you up early on a Saturday to let you know a buyer is on their way to see your home so make sure it’s show ready!

You don’t have to worry about leaving your home spotless every day before heading to work, just in case there is a showing while you’re gone. Or worse, you finally get off of work and you’re ready to go home and relax, but you have showings scheduled until 8 pm. You also don’t have to worry about buyers arguing with you over which furniture and appliances they want you to leave behind.

Move Out Time

Professional home buyers are in it for the investment, which means more flexibility for you! They are not going to move into the home that they are purchasing from you. Most professional home buyers will allow you to move out before or after closing (which works better for you) which will allow you the time you need to move out at your own pace. This is not something traditional buyers will allow! Also, you may not even have to clean the home when you leave. You can simply pack the personal items and furniture you want to keep and leave the rest. This is usually our client’s favorite part. Just take what you want and leave behind what you don’t want! We’ll take care of the rest for you!

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