What If My House Won’t Sell During A Divorce in Dallas?

If you’re going through a divorce and you’re trying to sell a house, you might be wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Dallas?” That’s a good question to ask so be sure to read this blog post and we’ll share our best answer with you…

What If My House Won't Sell During A Divorce inA divorce can be a challenging situation, to say the least. It can potentially be a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming experience on top of it being very emotional. And while dealing with all of that, you also need to worry about selling your house and what that process would look like.

It’s very common to sell your home during a divorce because most times you will need to split any equity you have in the house. In most cases, it’s to pay off the other spouse’s settlement, but it could also be because of other debts, judgments, or just the fact that one person can’t afford to cover the mortgage by themselves. While dealing with all of these thoughts and questions, you also have to worry about the potential of your house not selling.

If you’re going through a divorce and wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Dallas?” then here’s what to do…

What Are The Reasons Your House Doesn’t Sell?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons your house might not sell. Especially with interest rates on the rise and the economy starting to see a slowdown, the potential that your house won’t sell is getting greater and greater the higher interest rates get. But there might be additional reasons that your house doesn’t sell — for example, maybe you have a complicated divorce or there’s a lot of conflict between each party in the divorce.

This part probably won’t surprise you, but each party is struggling to get along or cooperate, which makes it extremely difficult to sell your home. There are many (to say the least) moving parts to selling your home that will need everyone’s consent each step of the way. If both spouses are arguing about every little detail, it could stall the sale until all parties agree.

This Delay Adds To The Problem!

If the house is not selling as quickly as you’d like, this just adds to the problem and it ultimately ends up costing you more — in bills and taxes and mortgage payments, as well as in additional attorneys fees.

Ultimately, you might be hoping to get a high price for your house but your divorce could actually be scaring people away and costing you money. Plus if the home has been lived in for a while, it most likely needs some upgrades or repairs. Who will be responsible for making these repairs before selling?

Fortunately, there’s another option…

Strategy For Divorce Houses: Sell To A House-Buying Company

Here’s an effective strategy for people who are trying to sell their divorce house — instead of listing the house with an agent, sell the house directly to a real estate buying firm like us here at North Texas Cash For Homes. As real estate buyers, we may not always be able to pay the market price for a house… but many divorcing people realize that holding out for a higher price can actually be a costly strategy once you factor in the cost of repairing the property, the carrying costs while you wait months for an agent to find a buyer, and then the agent’s commission (sometimes thousands of dollars).

It also helps that we won’t need all parties to be in the same room. We often meet with each spouse individually to prevent any conflict or issues. We’re here to make the process as easy and convenient for you as possible.

If you’re wondering, “what if my house won’t sell during a divorce in Dallas?” and if you want to sell your house fast, a real estate buying company like ours is the fastest and simplest choice to get the property out from the middle of your divorce, give you money for it, and allow you to wrap up this portion of the divorce proceedings.

And a special benefit is that we are a small local company that only services the Dallas Fort Worth area. That means we are not a large corporate company and we know our area better than anyone else! We also allow virtual meetings through zoom if you’re not ready to meet in person yet. Just fill out our form and it will take you to the scheduling link. We look forward to solving your problem!

To learn more about our real estate buying program and how we might be able to help you out in this challenging situation, click here and fill out the short form or give our team a call at 214-761-3150.

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