5 Things Home Sellers Need to Know About Hiring An Agent in Dallas

Are you considering hiring an agent in Dallas to help sell your home? This is typically one of the first things people do when they need to sell a property and with good reason. There are many talented agents out there who can help you sell your house. However, hiring an agent isn’t your only option. Distressed sellers may have better luck with a direct sale. Our process has the potential to save you both time and money. Here’s what you need to know before signing any contracts to list or sell your property in Dallas.

Potential Costs

Selling your house with an agent in Dallas will cost you money both before and after the sale. Yes, you can recoup these costs if the house sells, but there are no guarantees. You’ll need to fix up the property, possibly pay for marketing, and deal with agent commissions once the property has closed. You will also have to cover closing costs and the continued holding costs while your property sits on the market. A direct sale to North Texas Cash For Homes eliminates these costs and allows you to sell your house as-is.

Expected Time Until You Reach The Closing Table

When hiring an agent in Dallas, there is no guarantee if or when you will make it to the closing table. It’s important to remember that by hiring an agent, that’s all you’re doing is hiring that agent. You are hiring them to help you sell your house, but they are not your buyer. Once the agent lists the home, they are only hoping they can find you a buyer. It’s still a gamble.

Now, it is possible that you find a buyer right away, or it could take weeks, maybe even months. You could potentially wait months and have buyers coming in and out of your home with no offers. But once you finally do receive an offer, it’s not over from there. There are still so many pieces that need to fall into place before it’s all done and said.

That buyer will want to have their inspection period. They will bring an inspector out who will point out everything single thing that is wrong with your home and then those buyers will want you to fix as much as possible. Let’s say you agree to spend thousands of dollars on the repairs they’re requesting, that’s just one hurdle. You still need to wait for the appraisal to see if your home appraises for what you’re under contract for. If it doesn’t, the buyer will try to renegotiate or be forced to back out.

Plus, when a buyer relies on the bank for financing, the escrow process can become drawn out. You could spend thousands in holding costs while you are waiting for everything to finalize. And the worst part is, the sale can fall through at any time. There is a lot of uncertainty to consider if you are looking for a timely sale of your property in Dallas.

All Real Estate Agents Are Different

While many agents will have your best interest at heart, others are just there to close as many deals as possible. Be careful who you trust to represent you in such an important matter such as selling your house in Dallas. If you choose to work with an agent, be sure to ask questions about their experience, local knowledge, and marketing plan for the home. Don’t just choose an agent because they are popular or because they have ads on TV.

Check Your Contracts

Once you sign a listing agreement with a Dallas real estate agent, you may be on the hook with them for more than you bargained. Did you know that in some cases, you will still have to pay your agent’s commission even if you sell the house yourself? Before you sign any contracts in regards to your house, make sure you read all of the fine print and are ok with the terms.

There Are Other Ways to Sell Your House

Listing with an agent is not the only way to sell your house in Dallas. Working with a private buyer such as North Texas Cash For Homes can ensure you receive a great price and a fast closing. You can also get creative and consider options such as owner-financing in which you become the bank in essence, collecting a monthly income from the home. There are many solutions for home sellers in Dallas, and North Texas Cash For Homes is happy to help you explore them all!

Hiring an agent in Dallas? Before you do, it’s important to get the facts. At North Texas Cash For Homes, we can help you get all of the information you need so that you can make the best decision for your situation. We want to help you achieve the best result possible for your situation. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can offer you! 214-761-3150

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