5 Hacks to Help You Pack Up and Move ASAP in Dallas

5 Hacks to Help You Pack Up and Move as Quickly as Possible in Dallas

So it’s finally moving day and you’re ready to pack up and move! If those words fill you with worry and the days are racing by before your move, it’s time to stop and take a deep breath. While the final destination may hold great excitement, emotions can be running high; saying goodbye to a home filled with so many memories is never easy. The process of moving is an overwhelming and stressful task for pretty much everyone. Without a plan plus adding in the need for speedy packing, this will cause stress levels to go through the roof.

When you’re responsible for packing up an entire household’s worth of items, it is important to have a process and to follow a checklist, so read on as we explore five hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Dallas. Make sure you have already reserved a truck for your move! If you plan on hiring movers, then this article might not be for you.

Gather Supplies

The first of our hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Dallas is to gather the supplies you’ll need to move so that once you get started, you won’t face any delays because of extra shopping trips for packing tape, boxes or wrapping paper.

Many sites offer general information on the subject and online calculators to estimate how many boxes you’ll need by the size of your home. These sites can also help you determine what size moving truck you will need to reserve. If you should have an excessive amount of small items that require special packing, such as a collection of glass pieces, you may want to add extra boxes or extra bubble wrap to be safe.

Master Notebook

You will want some sort of a notebook or large binder to keep with you at all times. This might sound a little overkill, but I promise it comes in handy. With a page for each room, you can number each box as you pack it and make notes with a general description of the contents, mentioning any particular items you may be looking for after the move. If you’re anything like me, I don’t immediately start unpacking every single box as soon as they’re off the truck. It’s better for me to start unpacking the most important “must need” items first and the least important items can wait until I get to them. Keeping notes of everything in a notebook helps with this.

If you do hire movers, place all paperwork from the movers in the binder so it is easy to locate any information you need quickly.  Include a master checklist of essential things to keep with you during the move and any vital contact information you’ll need at hand. You should keep the numbers of the utility companies and a calendar with appointments for getting your new home up and running as well as any cable/wifi companies.


One more of our five hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Dallas is to sort your belongings as you pack. The less you have to move, the quicker the process will take, so be selective about what goes with you. It helps to have a box to load with the things you want and then a trash bag for the things you don’t want.

You’ll want to work on one room at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed and to help keep you from getting disorganized. Then, divide your belongings into three categories, keep, donate, or toss. Once you’ve decided the item is a keeper, pack it.

If you want to have a little extra fun with it, you can use a color-coding system of inexpensive stickers on the outside of the box to identify which packages go in which room. That way when you unpack, you don’t need to direct where every item goes. Then, you can list the number of boxes for each room to quickly assess if everything has made it off of the truck.

Packing Order

The last of our five hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Dallas is how you load the moving truck. If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point, this step shouldn’t be too difficult. This will also change depending on how many days it takes you to move. If you are loading the truck to immediately take it to your next house on the same day, then this way is the more ideal method.

You want to load all of the important things that you’ll want to unpack immediately, first into the truck. That way whenever you arrive at the home and start to unload the truck, the most important items to unpack first will be on top of all the other boxes. That way you won’t have to be digging for them later and moving around more boxes after an exhausting day of moving.


Regrettably, not every moving company is equal, and you need to consider the possibility of theft or potential damage during the pack up and move process. Another hack to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Dallas is to photograph valuables. When you’ve sorted through all of your stuff and have decided something is a keeper, if it holds any value, you should photograph the item and document any serial numbers, placing the information in the master binder along with your other inventory of boxes.

If possible, keep all electronic devices that contain sensitive information with you and ensure they are all password protected. The best protection is to work with trusted and established moving companies. Ask for recommendations from friends, family members, or a professional experienced with moving companies, and check online reviews. And of course, verify their insurance as well to make sure they can cover any potential property damage they cause.

If you’ve made it this far and are thinking that only crazy people go through this much work to pack up and move, then keep reading! We have a more convenient way to help people move. If you’d like to hear a cash offer from an investment company that can also close on your time frame, give us a call! We allow our sellers to skip this hassle by leaving everything behind that they don’t want and only taking the things they do want to keep. That way you don’t have to worry about leaving the home spotless and free of all personal items. We’ve got you covered.

At North Texas Cash For Homes, we know all of the hacks to help you pack up and move as quickly as possible in Dallas. With years of experience, our local direct buyers at North Texas Cash For Homes have helped hundreds of families just like yours make a fast move across town or the country to Dallas easily. Contact North Texas Cash For Homes at 214-761-3150.

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