5 Things You Should Watch Out for When Hiring a Dallas Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your House

5 Things To ALWAYS Do When Hiring A Realtor

As with every profession, while not typical, there are always a few rotten eggs. So it is worth taking the time to understand who you’re dealing with before signing a contract. Next, we will explore five things you should watch out for when hiring a Dallas real estate agent to help you sell your house.


First, you should be aware of agents representing themselves as more experienced than they are when hiring a Dallas real estate agent. They may also have others listings on their website to add a sense of legitimacy to their claims. You can verify the listing agent on any Dallas property with a bit of effort. While you can’t access the MLS, researching the area of the property online, in general, should pull up local listings and contact information.

Misleading Asking Price

Advising you of a misleading listing price is something else to watch for when hiring a Dallas real estate agent. For example, to get you excited about hiring them, an agent may advise on of a listing price that is too high. Then as the weeks pass, they’ll suggest lowering the listing price while they still earn a nice commission. Because, the longer a home sits on the market, the lower the final sales price ends up being.

This is more common than people realize. It is a commonly known tactic amongst the real estate agent community to come up with or agree upon an outrageous listing price knowing that you, as a seller, will not get that. They do this to win the listing! Can you believe that?

But once the home is listed and no buyers come forward to make offers, the listing agent will suggest lowering the price. This actually HURTS you, because instead of pricing the home appropriately and getting multiple buyers fighting for your home day one, now you have nobody fighting for your home. So once you drop the price of your home enough to get a buyer to make an offer, the offer won’t be nearly as good or as strong as the offers received on day one of the listings.

Taking the Lead

Another thing you should pay attention to when hiring a Dallas real estate agent, you’re hiring them for their expertise and guidance to sell your home. If your gut tells you that you have made the wrong choice in choosing a real estate agent, then you most likely have. Should you find yourself in this situation, your real estate agent may not be a good fit for you and your current situation.

Unprofessional Behavior

You should also watch out for an agent revealing private information about previous clients or other agents during your initial interview when hiring a Dallas real estate agent to help you sell your house. Suppose they are disclosing too much about others. In that case, they just may break your trust and disclose things to potential buyers that would ultimately hurt you.


You should also pay attention to feeling pressured to make any decisions when hiring a Dallas real estate agent to help you sell your house. If they tend to make you feel somewhat uncomfortable or even seem to cross the line into rudeness, you may want to interview another agent. When an agent attempts to manipulate you or force your actions, which seem to be more in their interest, you should run. 

Your agent is supposed to be working for you and keeping you informed and comfortable throughout the entire transaction. If you start to question their intentions or their reliability, then they clearly are not doing their job.

Isn’t it nice to know there’s another option to sell your Dallas house? 

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