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buy my house for cash in Dallas Texas
Looking for someone to “buy my house cash” in Dallas Texas Here are few things you need to know.
Finding someone to “buy my house for cash” is a common request among sellers. Cash buyers can purchase a home so much faster than buyers bringing needing a loan. But first, why are you looking to close fast with a cash buyer?

Maybe your Dallas, Texas house is facing foreclosure, and you wish to avoid it. Or maybe you inherited a home, are needing to relocate because of a job, or worse you lost your job, or even with this crazy market, your home isn’t selling at all with an agent. The list could go on and on about the reasons you’re needing to sell fast, so now let’s dive into finding a cash buyer who can help you with your current situation.

If you are facing foreclosure, take a look at our blog 9 ways to stop a foreclosure where we break down the pros and cons of the different methods you can potentially stop this from happening. If you still have questions and want to discuss this over the phone, feel free to give us a call!

Buy My House for Cash in Dallas, Texas: What You Need To Know

The first step that you need to take in order to sell your Dallas house fast to someone else with a “buy my house for cash in Dallas Texas” mentality, is to sit down and run through your options. What are the different options you have and which route do you feel would be best for you in your current situation? You can even click on our link to compare whether listing with an agent or selling to an investor would better fit your needs.

Just because you’re trying to find someone to “buy my house for cash”, this doesn’t mean you need to rush through your due diligence process. Even if you need to spend a couple of hours running through your options and weighing the pros and cons of each, that’s better than making a quick decision that you might regret later. 

1. How fast do you need to sell? 

First things first, how quickly are you thinking you need to sell? This is one of the most important first decisions you need to make… because this really dictates what options you really have. If you have more time… you potentially have more options open to you.

If you have less time… your options are a bit fewer… and they will continue to become fewer and fewer the longer you wait. Again, it’s still important to process but you still need to move quickly.

If you need to sell within 2 months or less, then unfortunately you don’t have the time to list your house with an agent.  But that’s ok! This is when companies like ours can come in and help you by selling your home to a local professional house buyer like North Texas Cash For Homes (or you can call us at 214-761-3150 and we can make you a fast-fair all-cash offer on your Dallas area house).

Like with anything, there are pros and cons to both scenarios. If you sell your home by listing with a real estate, you will make more profit but it will take much longer and you will likely need to make repairs to the home. By selling to an investor, it will take a fraction of the time and you won’t have to do any work to the home. However, you will likely walk away with less profit than listing with a real estate agent.

2. How much do you need to sell your Dallas house for? 

Note that above it says “how much do you need” to sell for.  If you’d like to sell your house for full retail… but you have to sell your house fast and can’t afford to list it with a real estate agent… determine what you need to get out of your house sale.

That’ll help guide you to your true options for selling.

If the price you “need” to get doesn’t leave room for a real estate agent’s commission… you may need to look at selling the house FSBO or getting an offer from a local real estate house-buying company like us… to see if that gets you closer to where you need to end up.

If you don’t have the time… consider talking to us for a fast cash offer on your house (we can make you an offer in less than 24 hours and close in as little as 7 days if you need to, with all cash).

3. Look into your options and then take action! 

As I mentioned above if you’re looking for someone who can say “yes” when you ask them to “buy my house for cash in Dallas Texas“… the main things you need to determine yourself are:

  1. How fast do you NEED to sell
  2. How much do you NEED to get out of the sale

Once you know those… look at your options below as a quick guide to help you decide which options may work for you with your local Dallas house sale.

  • Real Estate Agent: If you can wait 4-6 months to sell and can afford the 6% in commissions on the sale, going with an agent will likely get you the highest price on your property. Most agents are very good at what they do but they can’t speed up the process of finding you a buyer.
  • Local Real Estate Investor / House Buyer: If you need to sell fast, we can buy your Dallas house in as little as 7 days (if you need to sell that fast). We won’t be able to pay full retail… but we don’t charge any fees and we pay for the closing costs. What we offer you is what we pay you minus any liens you owe on the property including property taxes. If you value your time and a quick sale more than making a few extra bucks 6 months from now… call us today at 214-761-3150 or click the link below to fill out our online fast offer form.
  • For Sale By Owner: If you can wait 6-8 months to sell but can’t afford the 6% in commissions to an agent, you may want to try to sell it yourself. Just don’t forget that you will still be responsible for some of the closing costs.
  • Talk To Your Bank: If your mortgage is “underwater” or you’re in or nearing foreclosure… your first step may be to talk to your bank to see if they have any mortgage relief programs.  Some banks offer assistance or can at least guide you in a direction to lessen the burden.

We can help you strategize how to sell your Dallas Texas house fast. Give us a call at 214-761-3150 for help selling your house fast, or fill out our form to see if you qualify for a fast, all-cash offer.

There are several reasons why you may be thinking “buy my house for cash in Dallas Texas – please let it be that simple”. Regardless of your reasons, it can be that simple. We make this as simple and convenient of a process as possible for you!

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